Fluffy little Bird

Fluffy little Bird Fluffy little Bird i found sitting on the stones beside the riverside hotel when we stopped for a lunch break.

Monk in Sight

Monk in sight Monk in sight in the streets of Phnom Phen driving back home from Riverside in a TukTuk.

Donkey in sight

Donkey in sight, On the road to Langtang. Read more about our Langtang trekking, Nepal

The Rhino Beetle

The Rhino Beetle Photo was taken outside of Ubud, Bali Indonesia. I found it outside our bungalow one evening.

Surfer Girl

Surfer girl Surfer girl hitting the waves in Medewi beach, Bali. Indonesia

Simple living

Ubud, Bali

The Way Out

The Way Out Photo was taken in Prambanan outside of Yogyakarta, Java Indonesia. Its an amazing sight to visit.

Pig farmer

Ubud, Bali

City monk

City monk Photo was taken in Singapore. 2 monks standing in the street looking at all the tourist shopping.

Walking the line